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Conscious Mind Austin partners closely with each one of their patients to provide them with an ideal balance of physical and mental health, prompting a happier and healthier lifestyle and a greater capacity to live life to the fullest.

PrTMS is an innovative therapeutic treatment approach that is highly effective, pain-free, and drug-free.

Most people start off at an optimal performance level, but through trauma, abuse, addiction, or other outside factors, the brain can be thrown out of balance. With Personalized repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (PrTMS) we can offer a customized treatment plan to balance and improve brain function for better mood, improved focus, sleep, and motivation, and anxiety relief.

If you have questions about this treatment or are interested in scheduling an assessment, please contact us.

Our Mission

“It is our mission to personally understand the needs of each individual under our care so we may provide you with a specific wellness plan tailored to fit you and your lifestyle. We focus on promoting all aspects of your wellness to keep you happy and healthy inside and out.”