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Hawkins Psychiatry, PLLC

2800 E Broad Street, Suite 400,
Mansfield, Texas 76063
(817) 460-7080

Welcome to Hawkins Psychiatry PLLC, where our goal is to help you achieve optimal mental, physical and biological balance utilizing the latest research, technology, and pharmacogenetics.

Dr. Hawkins is also MAJ Hawkins, having served two tours in the US Army Medical Corps as combat stress psychiatrist and reintegration psychiatrist in Kosovo and Landstuhl, Germany in support of our troops. As a result, MAJ Hawkins has gained invaluable experience in treating soldiers, veterans and civilians with PTSD and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Dr. Hawkins has developed the TMS Depression Center of Mansfield, as a neuromodulation Division of Hawkins Psychiatry offering TMS and Micro Current neurofeedback as non-medicinal , non-invasive options of effectively treating a variety of psychiatric conditions.